Become a Deeper Sleeper
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The problems… our solutions

Partner disturbance


  • A common cause of sleep disturbance which is caused by motion transfer, lack of available sleep space and poor support.

Our solution:

  • Head to toe CNC cut in foam to minimise partner disturbance, as weight is transferred up and down rather than across the mattress.
  • Pillows retain their shape filled with Exclusive FibreFil™ support fibre, so there is no need to wake up to plump up.

- Exclusive fibres have been developed to be stronger and more durable than other standard fibres. FibreFil™ is extremely elastic so allows more shape retention, but at the same time gives maximum comfort. Sealy pillows have been engineered to provide the correct filling for  ultimate support to the head, neck and body for a great night’s sleep.

  • Space mesh liners and quilted enhancer covers give edge to edge support

  • Optimum support for all shapes and sizes. Our 60/kgm3 Memory Foam offers more responsive support than traditional foam.