Become a Deeper Sleeper
Sealy - Great British business born in Cumbria

The problems… our solutions



  • 90% of consumers in the Sleep survey got too hot in bed. Body temperature and the brain’s sleep/wake cycle are closely linked. That is why a hot summer night can cause restless sleep.

Our solution:

  • Our Cooltech Gel pillow produces lasting cooling effect and ideal for keeping the user comfortable. 
  • The Spinal Alignment Pillow is specially designed with a cellular support centre that increases air circulation and prevents heat build up. The pillow allows 5300 litres of air to flow through it compared to 1200 litres of air through a non vented foam core. 
  • Sealy Mattress Enhancers have been developed with ventilated memory foam core, Thermex fabric and space mesh interliner to help maintain ambient body temperature.