Become a Deeper Sleeper
Sealy - Great British business born in Cumbria

Bedtime Stories

Sealy are the world’s biggest bed brand and spend more on research than anyone else in the industry to develop new sleep technology for better beds, to make us all deeper sleepers. If you enjoy restful, deeper sleep then your body is much healthier and you tend to function better.

Thanks to their intense research, Sealy really understand how the body works and what happens to it while we sleep. As a result of this, their beds contain special Zonal Support systems along their length that provide greater ‘push back’ support to areas of the body where weight is concentrated (such as the lumbar region) and are softer in other areas. This ‘Zonal’ approach helps to support and align the spine correctly to its natural shape. Together with their famous Posturepedic springs, this has revolutionised sleep comfort and support to ensure tossing and turning is significantly reduced for fewer aches and pains and less tiredness in the morning. In addition, Sealy’s unique Smart Fibres technology guarantees a cool, fresh, dry and hypoallergenic sleeping environment that also eliminates house dust mites - a serious irritant for the thousands of people in the UK with asthma and allergies.

Sealy has also introduced a new range of bedding which offers a variety of innovatively designed pillows which will ensure the head and neck is properly supported during the night and bed linen  which also contains Sealy Smart Fibres.